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Digital Ad Operations
I am an interdisciplinary Digital Ad Operations Administrator ...

Ideally, I'd be part of a pro-active and responsive team that strives to exceed client expectations. We'd consistently work towards ...

Summary of Qualifications
Digital advertising admin with a track record of dependability and effectively ...

Professional Highlights
Televisa Publishing + Digital is a division of Grupo Televisa, the largest ...

Notable Projects
Seed-One Ventures
Smarter Clicks
Magic Media Group
Here In Doral
The Closeout Club
Creative D-Signs
Hope Fundraiser
Children's Connection
Costa Rica Travel Tours

Baruch College
Universidad Antonio de Nebrija

Professional Affiliations
Ad Operations Professionals
Ad Traffickers & Ad Ops Group
All Experts (by
Digital Marketing Group
Hispanic Media Professionals
Inbound Marketers
LED Digest
Miami Ad School
Online Advertising Professionals
Qualified Creatives
SCORE Association
Small Business Administration
The Versailles Breakfast Club
Zeal (by LookSmart)

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Ivan Jimenez, Senior Ad Master

I am an interdisciplinary Digital Ad Operations Administrator with over nine years of experience in digital operations and marketing. I offer hands-on implementation expertise in the areas of sales marketing, campaign management, agency relations, ad trafficking, web development, e-commerce, search marketing / optimization and interactive media strategy and promotion disciplines.

As senior [ad trafficking] administrator, I am responsible for all aspects of the campaigns once the deals are sold. Additionally, I serve as the technical lead collaborating with 3rd party providers to implement and / or integrate commercially beneficial products (i.e., anything can can help us generate more revenue or supports our systems and processes).

Contact me to schedule a meeting / interview or keep reading to learn more about me and my objectives.


Ideally, I'd be part of a pro-active and responsive team that strives to exceed client expectations. We'd consistently work towards improving our position in the marketplace (even if we are #1) and provide world-class experiences for our clients and partners as I honestly feel this is the cornerstone of any successful relationship and definitely the driver of repeat business.


I am located in Doral, a suburb of Miami, Florida. Close proximity to the Florida Turnpike, Palmetto / Dolphin Expressways and I-75 means commutes within Miami-Dade and Broward Counties including Palm Beach County are relatively easy for me. I am willing to relocate for the right opportunity. Additionally, I'm set up to work remotely.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Digital advertising admin with a track record of dependability and effectively completing tasks; reputation for creative problem-solving and campaign / project management

  • Organized problem-solver with a passion (seriously) for efficiency

  • Multi-tasker able to work autonomously or within a team

  • Deep understanding of ad copy, creative, editorial content and strategies on positioning calls-to-action within it all for optimal performance (i.e., I'm an optimization junkie)

  • Able to convert ideas and concepts to doable action items (I know how to make-it-happen)

  • I have excellent written and verbal communication skills; I've been called the "client ambassador" more than a few times

  • Proficient on data / analytics applications, Google enterprise tools, business software and HTML coding administrator

  • Experience in effectively calming and resolving with those "special" situations when "the  $#!%  hits the fan" (I hate to admit it but yes, I'm well versed at putting out fires)

  • Highly adaptable and a quick study who hits the ground running

Professional Highlights

My progression towards digital operations was a natural one. I am drawn to smart[er] design and I know anything and everything can be made better, faster, stronger, more efficient, more effective, etc. (in other words, optimized). I also know optimization has it's limitations. For you, the limitations may take the form of resources, capital or profit margins. My expertise takes these limitations into consideration to ensure the best possible results, every time. My experience includes:

Televisa Publishing + Digital — August 2008 to Present
SENIOR AD MASTER | US, LatAm & European Operations

Televisa Publishing + Digital is a division of Grupo Televisa, the largest Spanish-language media company in the world. Televisa Interactive Media is Televisa's digital business unit. Through this unit, Televisa hosts, publishes and commercializes most of Televisa's online brands. Televisa Interactive Media includes a horizontal portal,; an online video destination,; the vertical music brand, Tarabu; and the leading premium content supplier for mobiles in Mexico; EsMas Movil. With 9.3 million monthly visits, 3.5 million unique visitors and 53.5 million page views in the U.S., Televisa Interactive Media is credited as a leading online news, entertainment and sports operation in the U.S. Hispanic market.

  • Serve as point of contact between Televisa and Google Enterprise Partnership (i.e., DART for Publishers, DART for Advertisers, Analytics, Boomerang, ADAPT, AdSense - Premium Publishers, DART Sales Manager and DART for Mobile)

  • Help oversee the digital sales operations of Televisa's broad / diverse brand portfolio of nearly 200 titles including TV y Novelas, National Geographic en Espanol, Cosmopolitan en Espanol, Muy Interestant, PODER, Caras and the flagship brand Vanidades

  • Manage day-to-day business operations from insertion order and asset approvals to campaign completion and final invoicing

  • Direct point of contact for all concerned to address and quickly resolve campaign issues (strategies, trafficking, reporting, targeting and other related "speed bumps") and liaison between project manager and support teams throughout all phases of the campaign (including billing)

  • Monitor, analyze and optimize individual campaign performance as well as overall health of ad servers and analytics tools

  • Attend relevant events and keeping up-to-date on industry publications

  • Work closely with Interactive Media Director to "find" revenue opportunities

  • Work with sales director to plan and execute new advertising products and concepts

  • Consult / advise sales planners and area managers (New York, Chicago, Miami, Puerto Rico, Houston and LA) on technology behind new ad products, internal benchmarks and industry standards

  • Key liaison between our internal technology team (creatives, developers and programmers) and third party providers; influence and co-negotiate key purchases

  • Key achievements include:

    • Helped set and lead the implementation of above-referenced Google Enterprise Solutions (to help manage over 350 million monthly pageviews)
    • Development of a remnant inventory sales strategy (and implementation; includes ongoing business development and partnerships)
    • Implementation (and sometimes even the development) of ad products beyond leaderboards and rectangles (i.e., moving / interactive media, video placements, click-to-call mobile ads, full take-overs and sponsorships, microsites, "solo" emails and editorial integration)
    • Co-developed and helped implement a scalable digital operations strategy with Digital Operations Manager to support anticipated area growth
    • Incredible year to year sales growth (you wouldn't believe the percentage if I included it here)
    • Effective transition of print sales team into digital (especially important given the overall decrease in print media advertising) further extending the reach of the digital sales team
    • Development of a digital ad operations team
    • Recognition within the company and respect amoung other departments

Professional Consultant — June 2001 to July 2008

I see business systems as means to reaching operational goals while staying on-course with business goals. My method uses a combination of technology and human logic to create optimal results. My tasks complete on or ahead of schedule and I lead others to do the same.

  • Aquired new business through strategic marketing efforts, competitive bidding processes and client referrals

  • Integrated the latest cutting edge technologies (multi-variate testing, SEO IP-delivery, geo-targeting, re-marketing) in website performance, reliability and profitability

  • Cultivated strong client / partner relationships with website owners, marketing managers, venture capital groups and direct response (CPA) wholesalers through continuous and effective contact, follow-up and networking activities

  • Supervised the hiring and training of [in-house and outsourced] specialists and office support personnel

  • Developed policies and procedures for team members which resulted in knowledgable staff and higher quality service

  • Developed comprehensive work plans and specifications, maintenance contracts and proposal documentation for website optimization / maintenance

  • Served as direct point of contact for all concerned to address and resolve problems and liaison between website owner and provider throughout all service phases

  • Kept up-to-date on industry trends and competitor activity through active participation at tradeshows and seminars and maintaining memberships to relevant publications

  • Worked with business owners and brand managers to conceptualize and create digital branding pieces and marketing collateral

  • Oversaw daily website operations and online marketing functions (i.e., content management, metrics reporting, and website promotion)

  • Notable Projects: Some notable projects included...

    • — Wilmington, Delaware
      December 2007 through July 2008 | 7-month project was a website designed and developed as the online sales and marketing vehicle for Leaked Magic, an instructional [card trick] DVD. I was brought in to direct...

      • Web Development: Managed a team of web developers and graphic designers in the design and implementation of the corporate brand and web identity
      • Business Process Outsourcing: Gathered and assessed requirements from's management team and coordinated the efforts of's internal information technology team with those of the external web developer and QA team
      • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Conducted analysis to determine the optimal way to utilize search engines to generate traffic to without long-term reliance on pay-per-click advertising
      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimized meta data and HTML code consistent with SEM strategies and business goals
      • Website Maintenance: Ensured website was up and operational, content and images updated and error-free and fully functioning emails
      • Reporting and Analysis: Conducted daily reporting of website traffic, analyzing patterns and developing strategies to optimize website
      • Networking and Security: Oversaw network and web services, server security, PC maintenance and application functionality

    • Seed-One Ventures — Miami, Florida
      April 2007 through December 2007 | 8-month project

      Seed-One Ventures is a boutique venture capital firm focused on early-stage ventures. Seed-One provides seed and later-stage capital and growth strategies to help build companies from the ground up quickly and efficiently. I was brought in as consulting marketing director to oversee and manage various responsibilities, including...

      • Online Strategy: Brought to fruition a year-long project to create an in house e-commerce processing platform to manage orders from different third-party sources and to facilitate the creation of new offers that would all use a shared core to reduce development and testing time
      • E-Commerce: Worked with various organizational units to get products online through various e-commerce initiatives including customized storefronts and online catalogs
      • Business Process Integration: Spearheaded efforts to integrate partner-promoted offers (on third-party websites) that required processing through our internal fulfillment systems
      • Information Technology (IT) Liaison: Gathered and assessed requirements from Seed-One's management team and coordinated the efforts of Seed-One's internal information technology team with those of the external web developers and QA teams; ensured web and mail servers were operating safely, securely and consistent with company goals
      • Analysis, Metrics Reporting and Campaign Optimization: A/B split-testing of stand-alone landing pages and internal shopping cart pages to determine the most effective method for delivering the marketing message and following through to a successful sale
      • Business Development: Responsible for initiating and developing relationships with potential affiliate partners
      • Internet Summit and Convention Representation: Represented the company's interests at summits and events

    • — Miami, Florida
      June 2001 through March 2007 is an Internet marketing portal to the web. launched, promoted and optimized hundreds of affiliate websites and provided free website marketing support and marketing services. My role as webmaster / web manager was diverse. I was responsible for...

      • Business Development: Responsible for initiating and developing relationships with potential affiliate partners
      • Online Marketing Strategy: Expanded the reach of the brand via an exhaustive resource list and web marketing support, organic search engine marketing and optimization, PPC-based keyword buys on search and content networks, email marketing and networking
      • Advertising and Communications: Worked with outsourced graphic / website design teams to create branding pieces, advertising collateral, banners, landing pages, email campaigns and website content
      • Email Marketing: Oversaw all email communications and saw that every outgoing message contained messaging that supported and promoted the brand and was compliant with applicable law(s); developed and maintained email lists
      • Reporting, Analysis and Action: Multivariate-testing of specific landing pages and affiliate offer pages to create optimal designs and architecture and increase sales and website loyalty
      • Site Maintenance and Updates: Ensured website was secure and error-free, image files protected, hyper-text and affiliate links updated and website content edited
      • Development and Script Deployment: Worked with external partners to develop and deploy task-specific scripts and applications
      • Compliance Monitoring: Stayed abreast of industry laws and policies to ensure updates were always concurrent
      • Domain Management: Developed a strategy for domain aging (for SEO / SEM purposes) and created a strategy to monetize portfolio of domain names during the "aging" process

    Some shorter term projects included:

    • Smarter Clicks — Doral, Florida

      Smarter Clicks started as an online marketing blog and morphed into a general market lifestyle magazine but more appropriately, it is the culmination of over a decade of knowledge, experiences, successes and "happy accidents" relayed digitally and sparked by daily happenings and learning. It continues to be my playground for research and testing.

    • SWISSLOGIC — Miami, Florida

      SWISSLOGIC is a boutique SEO web design firm with a concentration on smart, minimalist designs. I was brought in as a consultant to advise on strategy, marketing direction, content development, search engine marketing and retail application development.

    • Magic Media Group — Wilmington, Delaware

      Magic Media Group is a marketing company that develops and sells proprietary media. The driving force behind sales is search engine marketing (SEM) and optimization (SEO). I was brought in to direct online media consepts, eCommerce strategy and deployment, leads acquisition and business process outsourcing.

    • Here In Doral — Doral, Florida

      Here In Doral is a personal blog for Monica Tamayo, a professional Realtor in Miami, Florida. I was brought in to create a CMS (content management system) driven website and develop an online strategy and step-by-step marketing program. I also provided regular consulting, reporting and support.

    • The Closeout Club — Aventura, Florida

      The Closeout Club is a surplus liquidator. I was commissioned to spearhead the effort to discover why website was failing to receive traffic from search engines comparable to major competitors; I presented findings and recommendations to the principals for search engine optimization (SEO) project approval and followed through with a plan that resulted in a 295% increase in traffic from search engine results in the first four months.

    • Creative D-Signs — Hollywood, Florida

      Creative D-Signs is a Florida-based sign and graphic design company. I was brought on in the early stages of the company's development to devise an online strategy to establish the company's credibility and brand presence, encourage business partnerships and acquire leads via online technologies. As a result, sales boosted and we were able to acquire long-term contracts with big-name brands.

    • Hope Fundraiser — Miami Beach, Florida

      Hope Fundraiser is a Miami-based marketing group that created a proprietary system to help local organizations raise funds. I was responsible for the conceptualization and development of the group's corporate identity, mini-site development and site management.

    • Children's Connection — North Miami, Florida

      Children's Connection is an adoption services business run by one of the nicest people I've ever met. She makes it possible to adopt [and basically save the lives of] needy children from Haiti and Belize. I was responsible for the re-design of Children's Connection's corporate identity, created a mini-site and managed the company's web and mail server.

    • Costa Rica Travel Tours — Costa Rica, S.A.

      Costa Rica Travel Tours is a travel tour operator in Costa Rica. Through a marketing partner, I was co-commissioned to develop a new online identity, interactive e-commerce website with a content / tour management system and search engine marketing (SEM) strategy.


Accounting / Business Administration — New York, NY

Spanish Policy, Past, Present and Future — Madrid, SPAIN

Professional Affiliations

    Ad Operations Professionals — Ad Operations Professionals publishes daily news and insights concerning the online advertising industry.

    Ad Traffickers & Ad Ops Group — Ad Traffickers & Ad Ops Group concentrates on the professionals who represent ad trafficking, ad operations, ad serving, campaign management, inventory management and media planning services. The group shares industry updates and discusses concerns with fellow professionals.

    All Experts (by — Created in early 1998, it was the very first large-scale question and answer service on the net (powered by professional experts).

    BizTechDay — BizTechDay is a conference where inspiring entrepreneurs share practical business and technology strategies.

    Digital Marketing Group — Digital Marketing Group is a group for professionals looking to engage in debate and share best practices digital marketing.

    Hispanic Media Professionals — Hispanic Media Professionals is home to well established media professionals from all walks of life and career backgrounds including broadcast TV / radio, print, online media and the communications fields (membership is reserved for media professionals only).

    Inbound Marketers (for Marketing Professionals) — Inbound Marketers is a community website for marketers. It is a place where marketers can learn, share knowledge and build relationships.

    LED Digest — The LED Digest is an email discussion list focused on Internet marketing. It's the #1 discussion list of leaders in the industry.

    Miami Ad School — The Miami Ad School group is a networking group with current students, graduates, teachers, faculty and anyone interested in advertising.

    Online Advertising Professionals — Online Advertising Professionals is a forum for discussing ideas and exchanging information.

    Qualified Creatives — Qualified Creatives is a marketplace that brings together talented creatives and prospective employers / clients... with specific focus on the advertising industries.

    SCORE Association — SCORE is a nonprofit association of more than 12,400 business experts. The SCORE LinkedIn group was created as a forum to share ideas, insights and items of interest related to small business and entrepreneurship.

    Small Business Administration (Business Marketing and Planning; Hotlist Member) — The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) dedicates its energy and resources to providing support to small businesses and small-business owners across the nation.

    The Versailles Breakfast Club — The group looks at all facets of the business development cycle to discuss how the latest marketing / advertising developments are either positively or negatively impacting their businesses.

    Zeal (by LookSmart) — Zeal was a human-powered search engine. As a contributing editor, I helped support the creation of a "human" search engine.


Full references available upon request.

Contact Me

Please note: All communication is confidential and will not be shared. Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) available upon request.

Miami Web Manager
Ivan Jimenez
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